Sagot Lab


The lab did a great job presenting a Quest 2019

Tenaja, Alex and Kervans did a great job presenting an oral talk and a poster during SUNY Oswego Quest series.

NASBR 2018, Puerto Vallarta

We had a great time at NASBR 2018 in Puerto Vallarta, Mx. Great times listening to super cool bat research and hanging out with old and new friends. Plus, Tenaja’s poster was super popular. Great job!

Productive field season in Costa Rica

Great time in Costa Rica with an awesome group of people.

Paper accepted in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

Great news! A paper on the geographic variation in contact calls was accepted.

Two papers accepted!

Good news from the lab. Our paper in collaboration with Gloriana Chaverri from Universidad de Costa Rica and Caroline Schöner from University of Greifswald, on roost finding efficiency in Thyroptera tricolor was accepted in Animal Behaviour.

Also, Anthony’s paper on same sex courtship behavior in fruit flies was accepted in Acta Ethologica.


Congratulations to Imran and Cayla. Best wishes!20180512_105213.jpg

Imran accepted to Ohio State

Congratulations to Imran! He just accepted a graduate position working with Dr. Gerry Carter at Ohio State University. He will begin this Fall.

Anthony accepted at Saint Louis University

Great news! Anthony has been accepted as a masters student at Saint Louis University. He will be working in Dr. Fowler-Finn lab. Best luck for him!

Miranda’s paper accepted!

Good news! Miranda’s paper was accepted for publication in the Northeastern Naturalist. Good job Miranda!

First field trip in 2018

Great way to start the year doing field work with great people at Barú field station in Costa Rica.